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Manual Hospital Bed(3 cranks) Model XHS30A

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Manual Hospital Bed(3 cranks) Model XHS30A

Product description : Manual Hospital Bed (3 cranks)




Back section up/down ≥0-70°±5°

Leg section up/down ≥0-40°±5°

Hi-low adjustment:500-720mm

  1. PE material bed head and foot boards shaped by injection molding, with self-locking device,easy for disassembling and cleaning.

2.New type folding guard rails,imported PE material shaped by blow molding

3.Angle indicator is installed onthe ouside of both side rails.Anti slip system on both sides of the bed.

4.Bed board punching press and shaping in one time. Anti-slip system on both side of the bed.

5.Foue 125mm super abr castors with central brake,asion resistance,to promote a flexible and convenient movement and locking.

6.ABS crank handle with overloading protection system.

7.Bed accessories:I.V pole sockets: 4 pcs/Drainage bag hooks: 2 pcs


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Product Name Manual Hospital Bed(3 cranks) Model XHS30A
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Actionnement Manuel
Fonctionnalités Hauteur réglable
Nombre de sections 3 Sections
Champ d'application Hôpital
Nombre de manivelle 3
Piètement Sur roulette
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