C-Shaped Permanent MRI system Model OPENMARK 4000

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C-Shaped Permanent MRI system Model OPENMARK 4000



Advocating the combination of technology and humanities, provide a comfortable operation experience to you.


Humanized design

  • Touch LED screen, intelligent one key position
  • Integrated patient table, smooth and comfortable
  • Two-way intercom system reflects care and intentions


Perfect magnet

  • Large openness structure reduces anxiety & claustrophobia of patients.
  • Unique shimming technology ensures a high level homogeneity of magnetic field.
  • Intelligent temperature control system, supplies a high stability of magnetic field.



Advanced gradient system

1-      Advanced RF-gradient integration coils combined with self-shielding technology.

2-      Equipped with eddy-‘0’ technology, extremely reduce eddy currents.

3-      High level linearity and powerful output, easier to get large FOV and Thinner slice images, enhance the scan speed.


Digital 4-channels RF system

4 Channels PA receiving coils

4 channels A/D unit

4 channels full-digital spectrometer

Powerful RF output

Greatly improve SNR of images


Technical description

Access angle: 320

Magnetic field strength:  0.42T

Number of independent RF channels to receive: 4

Number of antennas: 10

Magnet weight: 20 Ton

Type of MRI: Open

Type of magnet: Permanent

Maximum patient weight (kg): 185

Maximum gradient amplitude: 30 (mT / m)

Gradient increase speed: 400 (mT / m / ms)


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